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Most Exciting New Releases in Fantasy Books! ✨📚

Welcome to this month's fantasy blog post, where we're highlighting some of the most exciting new releases in the world of fantasy books!

Whether you're a fan of epic battles, magical worlds, or complex characters, there's something for everyone in this roundup.

  1. "The Witness for the Dead" by Katherine Addison. This book is set in the same world as Addison's award-winning "The Goblin Emperor" and follows a new protagonist, Thara Celehar, a witness for the dead who is called upon to investigate a murder in a city that's on the brink of war. This is a great read for fans of political intrigue and richly imagined fantasy worlds.

  2. "The Chosen and the Beautiful"by Nghi Vo. In this book, Vo reimagines "The Great Gatsby" through the lens of Asian American and LGBTQ+ experiences. The story follows Jordan Baker, a queer Vietnamese adoptee and flapper who becomes involved in Gatsby's social circle. Vo's writing is lyrical and evocative, and her reimagining of the classic story is both fresh and poignant.

  3. "The Empire's Ruin" by Brian Staveley. This is the first book in a new epic fantasy trilogy from Staveley, who is known for his acclaimed "Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne" series. "The Empire's Ruin" features a sprawling cast of characters and a richly detailed world that's on the brink of war. This is a great pick for fans of high fantasy and epic battles.

  4. "The Maleficent Seven" by Cameron Johnston. This book is a standalone adventure set in the same world as Johnston's "The Traitor God." It follows a group of seven mercenaries who are hired to steal a powerful magical artifact from a dangerous cult. This is a fun and fast-paced read with plenty of action and humor.

  5. "The Last Graduate" by Naomi Novik.This book is the highly anticipated sequel to Novik's "A Deadly Education" and follows protagonist Galadriel "El" Higgins as she navigates her final year at the Scholomance, a magical school where students must fight for survival against malevolent creatures. Novik's writing is both witty and darkly compelling, and this sequel promises to be just as thrilling as the first book.

That's it for the Portal’s fantasy book roundup!

Which of these new releases are you most excited to read?

Let us know in the comments, and happy reading!

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