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​​​​​​​#1 Epic Fantasy (Amazon) 

Solo Medalist Winner, New Apple Book Awards


One ordinary teenager. One extraordinary mission. And a destiny she never expected.


With final exams behind her, fifteen-year-old Vanessa Cross is looking forward to a long, lazy summer on the beach, shopping, and going to the spa with her friends—anywhere but at home with her hypocritical stepmother and preoccupied father.


Her entire life is flipped upside-down when her father disappears, and rumors he’s a traitor begin to fly. Selected to join an expedition to an alternate reality called the Living World to retrieve a priceless relic, Van plans a secret mission of her own. Find her father and prove his innocence.


Recovering this relic, the Coin of Creation, will prevent an invasion by the warlike Balish, test the limits of Van's strength, will, and cleverness, and push her to accept that she is no ordinary teenager.


But learning of her warrior destiny, handed down through generations of her family, is the biggest shock of all. Failure to rise to the challenge could cost not only her life, but that of her people, her friends, and what’s left of her family.


SKU: 9780998672021
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