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High school final exams are over, and Vanessa Cross’s summer is shaping up just dandy. 


Her hypocritical stepmother has a secret boyfriend. She can’t find the necklace her father left her. Her spirit guide gives her nothing but indecipherable messages. None of her friends are taking her Junior Grigori training sessions seriously, except Brux, the love of her life who can never be hers. Yep, just dandy.


Determined to shut down her greatest weakness—her emotions—Van is impatient to go kill demons in the Earth World like a real Grigori. She’s ready. She’s sure of it…until she gets her new assignment.


She and her team must go back to the Living World to repair one of the three seals that anchor the veil between the Worlds. Time is running out before demons exploit the weakness and rise to the Living World. To top it off, she is tasked to find a cure to a mysterious sickness before it wipes out her friends, family, and everyone else on Providence Island.


Van has thirty days of Alignment, the only time the monstrous Quasher can’t track her Anchoress blood and destroy her light. Screwing up means thousands—maybe millions—of people in both Worlds will die…and she will have failed the most important final exam of her life. 


Plague of Death Book Two Anchoress Series (digital)

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