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What's Up with Elena Gilbert's Hair?

Confession: I just finished watching all eight seasons

of The Vampire Diaries on Netflix.

I admit ✋ I binged-watched the entire series over the past several months, all 171 episodes! The series is leaving the streaming network on September 4, 2022, so I had to get a move on. Have you watched the series yet? *SPOILERS AHEAD*

Originally published as a book series in 1991, The Vampire Diaries (TVD) is a young adult vampire fiction story created by American author L. J. Smith. The story centers on Elena Gilbert, a human high school girl who finds her heart eventually torn between two vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon Salvatore. Kudos to L. J. for creating the original mainstream M/M/F love triangle!

Have you read the books? I read the original book series years ago and loved it. Elena had blond hair in the series, but brunette actress Nina Dobrev played Elena wonderfully in the TV series, which originally aired on the CW network. The books had a huge cult following and are rumored to have inspired Stephenie Meyer to write Twilight, a book that, with the help of the marketing giants’ machines, set off the vampire craze.

Speaking of vampires, can we take a moment to talk about actor Ian Somerhalder's Damon? *sighs* Um, gorgeous! Seriously, those eyes?! If I was Elena I would’ve picked him too. Stefan was way too dramatic and moody for my taste.

Who would you have chosen, Stefan or Damon?

I'm #teamDamon all the way!

While watching TVD, I envied Elena’s hair. Never a flyaway to be seen. I wondered how her hair stylists managed it. It blew me away to find out the secret. Julie Plec the showrunner for TVD said in more than one interview that Nina Dobrev wore a wig most of the time on the show. A wig! The secret to hair success! Who knew?

My favorite female character on TVD?

At the beginning of the TV series, Caroline was my favorite character. No one ever gave her credit for how she stood by her friends, got things done, and was always cheerful. Hard to believe Damon and Stefan considered killing her when she first turned. So proud of my girl to have conquered her vampirism like a pro and fit right in with her new friends and new lifestyle. Caroline crushed it! I was rooting for Caroline and Klaus to get together as a couple. When they didn't (excluding that one-time romp in the woods, which, by the way, was soooo awesome) it broke my heart.

When Caroline and Stefan began dating, my favorite female character changed to Bonnie. I liked Bonnie because she was always there for her friends. Doing spells for them, but had her own mind and wasn’t afraid to say no, or to do what she thought was right. But the episode that turned me to Bonnie was when she hung out in Europe with Damon and Alaric. She became cool in my eyes. I was thrilled when she found love with Enzo, another character favorite of mine.

Almost everyone Enzo met abused and mistreated him. Right away, I saw him as a great guy and hoped the other characters would get on board with this notion and show him some love. Finally, Bonnie did! If I wasn't so smitten with Damon, I would've picked Enzo as my series crush. But Elena's brother Jeremie was hot, too. So... 🤔 Gosh, could their cast get any better looking?

In the final season, season 8, the storyline introduces sirens. Specifically, a siren named Sybil, played by Nathalie Kelley (the same actress who played Cristal Carrington on the Dynasty remake in the series' first season, 2017). Sybil was an engaging character who really stressed me out when she controlled Damon’s mind. Then she separated Bonnie and the hapless Enzo. I lost some fingernails to biting on that storyline!

In folklore, mermaids are peaceful, playful creatures. If they're evil, then they’re called sirens. In TVD, Sybil was evil. But are all female creatures of the sea evil?

I did research and found the answer! Check out my YouTube video and join me on my search as I uncover the truth about mermaids.

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